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University of Évora and CHRC will host the “International Graphonomics Society” in 2023

For the first time in Portugal, from 19 to 23 June next year, a conference of the International Graphonomics Society...

UNLOCK – Ativar Literacia em Saúde e Mudança Social

As part of the research carried out by researchers from Comprehensive Health Research Center – ENSP-NOVA, the...

"Mixed Methods - Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative data" training

The CHRC Education & Training office is offering a training entitled “Mixed Methods - Integrating Quantitative...

New Horizons, new paradigms in Health and Human Development

CHRC in conjunction with the Department of Medical Sciences and Health and Department of Psychology from...

Project PREVENTABLE receives funding from Horizon Europe

The main work of this project is leaded by CHRC and EpiDoc of NMS researchers, Marta Marques and Ana Rodrigues, in...

Volume II of the Frontiers in Endocrinology research topic “Obesogens in the XXI century: emerging health challenges” edited by CHRC researcher is now accepting submissions

After the success of the 1st Volume of the Research Topic “<a...

Development of MCT-Silver Strategies in Portugal discussed in German institutions

The project “Metacognitive Training for Depression in Later Life”, coordinated in Portugal by Prof. Lara Pinho from...

International Workshop - Impacts of early life exposure to environmental Contaminants: children’s health in the Anthropocene

The University of Évora, along with researchers from the CHRC, is organizing an international workshop within the...

Mário JDS Santos coordinated the “Binarism and the non-binary” seminar, hosted by CHRC and CIES-ISCTE

On July 14, marking the International Non-Binary People’s Day, the CHRC and CIES-Iscte jointly hosted a seminar on...

Julian Perelman as author in the “The State of the Nation and Public Policies” Report

CHRC researcher and Professor at ENSP-NOVA, Julian Perelman contributed to the “The State of the Nation and Public...

CHRC 3rd Annual Summit hosted by NOVA Medical School

The 3rd edition of CHRC Summit will happen on November 3 and 4 of 2022, and will take place at NOVA Medical...

Book coordinated by the “Value for Health CoLAB” published, linked to activities of the CardioFollow.AI project

On June 23, the "Promotion of self-care for the improvement of health outcomes" event was held at the Rectory of...

CHRC researchers awarded with the LPPC/AICIB Research Grants

Today, the Award Ceremony for Clinical Research Grants in Oncology in Primary Health Care awarded two projects from...

CHRC researchers editors of two Special Issues of Journals indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus

Two Special Issues of Journals indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus with a high impact factor have CHRC...

CHRC joins the associated laboratory REAL, coordinated by Helena Canhão

A new important milestone for CHRC has happened this week. The inaugural meeting of the associated laboratory REAL...

Study from CHRC researchers highlighted at FPF

The study called “The multidimensional characterization of football players’ performance in competition” was...

Partnerships for Science Education (PAFSE) project was exhibited at the “Festival of the New European Bauhaus”

Partnerships for Science Education (PAFSE) project was exhibited at the “Festival of the New European Bauhaus”...

Study carried out by CHRC researchers was submitted in the 9th CIAFD Congress

André Bento and DEAN of ESDH from University of Évora, Prof. Armando Raimundo, both integrated researchers at CHRC,...

The EpiDoC Unit had its article on the Obesity- attributable costs of absenteeism among working adults in Portugal published in the journal BMC Public Health

The paper “Obesity- attributable costs of absenteeism among working adults in Portugal” was published in BMC...

CHRC researchers awarded by AGAP – Portugal Ativo

Professors from University of Évora and CHRC researchers José Parraça and Orlando Fernandes, along with Carolina...

André Bento as speaker at the largest International Fitness Congress in Portugal

Fellow Researcher at CHRC, André Bento will hold one of the masterclasses of the IV International Online Congress...

Public Presentation of the OPPS Spring Report of 2022

Manuel Lopes, member of the CHRC Boards Directors, main Professor coordinator of the Nursing Department of the...

Professor Armando Raimundo as DEAN of the School of Health and Human Development

Professor Armando Raimundo, member of the Executive Comittee of CHRC and Founder of the Sports Science area at the...

CHRC researchers as Guest Editors of a Special Issue of Children Journal

CHRC researchers from University of Évora and Guest Editors of the special Issue "Child Psychomotricity:...

CHRC 2nd Annual Summit Highlights

On May 13, the CHRC 2nd Annual Summit was hosted by the University of Évora, at Colégio Espírito Santo. After some...

CHRC researcher as co-guest Editor of a Special Issue of Journal of Clinical Medicine

Ana Rita Matias, CHRC researcher and co-guest editor of the special Issue “Tissues Changes in Infancy...

2nd Annual Summit –Awards Ceremony of CHRC Research Grants 2021

After an afternoon filled of conferences, oral presentations and pitch's of the Thematic Lines of CHRC, it was time...

CHRC 2nd Annual Summit today at the University of Évora

The CHRC 2nd Annual Summit started today at Colégio Espírito Santo of University of Évora. The Opening Ceremony was...

University of Évora will receive the CHRC 2nd Annual Summit on May 13

Colégio Espírito Santo from University of Évora will receive the CHRC Community in person for the most important...

Sónia Dias, researcher at CHRC, elected DEAN of ENSP-NOVA

Sónia Dias, Professor from ENSP-NOVA and researcher at CHRC, was elected DEAN of ENSP-NOVA last April 26.Her...

CHRC researcher wins the FLAD Science Award Mental Health

Manuela Silva, researcher and coordinator of the Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health and researcher at CHRC, is...

Study conducted by CHRC researchers about the Impact of COVID-19 in elderly lifestyle, published in MDPI

Professors Armando Raimundo, José Marmeleira and the PhD student Nilton Chantre Leite of University of Évora and...

Study involving Prof. Bruno Gonçalves, published in Science and Medicine in Football

Professor of University of Évora and researcher at the CHRC, Bruno Gonçalves was one of the authors of the paper...

HBM4EU Chromates Study - CHRC and ENSP-NOVA researchers in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Professor of ENSP-NOVA and researcher at CHRC, Susana Viegas and Carla Martins, had their paper “HBM4EU Chromates...

The EpiDoC Unit had its article on the adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in Portugal published in the journal "Nutrients"

The paper “Low Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet Is Associated with Poor Socioeconomic Status and Younger Age: A...

Metacognitive Training for Depression in Later Life – Project led by Prof. Lara Pinho

The project “Metacognitive Training for Depression in Later Life" is coordinated by Prof. Lara Pinho from the...

On 24th and 25th of March, Project REFLECT will bring together University of Évora, CHRC, European and National partners at Évora

A meeting will take place between the School of Health and Human Development from University of Évora, CHRC and the...

2nd Annual CHRC Summit | 13 May of 2022

2nd Annual CHRC Summit | 13 May of 2022The CHRC is organizing the follow-up of the 2nd Annual Summit of last...

CHRC and ENSP-NOVA researcher is PI of European project in science education on Public Health challenges

PAFSE “Partnerships for Science Education” has the National School of Public Health –of NOVA University of Lisbon as...

Project led by Dr. Paulo Paixão studies the impact of COVID- 19 in children immune system

A study is in progress to try to understand the impact of COVID-19 in humoral and cellular immune response in...

Paper by Dr. Marta Marques as a senior author published in JMIR Publications

The paper in which Dr. Marta Marques from NOVA Medical School and researcher at CHRC collaborated as senior author –...

A new protocol has been signed between Trofa Saúde Amadora and NMS/CHRC

NOVA Medical School took a new important step: Two protocols were signed between Trofa Saúde Amadora and NMS,...

PMCardImpact – Exposure to fine particles (PM2.5) and cardiovascular disease

Pollution is an important environmental factor for the exponential increase of high-impact diseases worldwide. This...

Prof. Ana Catarina Sousa’s paper published in Encyclopedia MDPI

After the paper about The Impact of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Male Fertility: Focus on the Action of...

“Optimizing Digital Behavior Change Interventions” by Dr. Marta Marques on the EHP special issue

Dr. Marta Marques, integrated researcher at CHRC and NOVA Medical School, made a contribution on methodologies and...

OSCAR Project – Digital tool that detects COVID-19 infections through voice

Did you know there’s a brand new innovative technological tool that can help identify respiratory diseases,...

Hugo Folgado’s paper published in the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport

Professor of the Department of Sport and Health of University of Évora and integrated researcher of CHRC, Hugo...

DN Interview with Helena Canhão - female leadership in the global health sector

Helena Canhão, the new DEAN of NOVA Medical School and coordinator of the CHRC, is the first woman to assume the...

“Low Back Pain: A global and urgent public health problem” by Prof. Eduardo Cruz

Low Back Pain is a symptom and not a disease. It’s a public health growing problem, by the increasing incidence and...

Talent Identification and Development in Sports Performance- New Ebook edited by Bruno Gonçalves

The most recent Ebook from “Frontiers in Sports and Active Living” – Talent Identification and Development in Sports...

Hugo Folgado and Small sided-games study – Podcast

Hugo Folgado, assistant professor at the Department of Sport and Health of the University of Évora and CHRC...

Assistants Professors of University of Évora and integrated researchers of CHRC awarded in the Sports Science Awards, assigned by COP and Millennium bcp Foundation

Assistants Professors at the Department of Sports and Health of University of Évora and integrated researchers of...

Nuno Mendonça was placed 1st in the 4th Individual CEEC for junior researcher with his project IPHUNCTION

The Individual CEEC (Scientific Employment Stimulus) is a contract financed by FCT for Ph.D. researchers.“In...

PORTHOS - Epidemiological Research to study the reality of Heart Failure in Portugal

PORTHOS project – the largest free cardiac screening ever made in Portugal to study and determine the prevalence of...

IV International Conference NOVAhealth Chronic Disease and Infection

On October 22, 2021, NOVAsaúde Chronic Disease and Infection will hold its IV International Conference online, from...

Webinars for younger researchers from European Countries

The National School of Public Health (ENSP), within the scope of the COST Project – The European Researchers Network...

NOVA impACT! Challenges | 2nd Edition

October 11 - November 5, 2021Through this program, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and Santander Universities...

ENSP-NOVA launches project on caregivers of the elderly

The National School of Public Health at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa has released a questionnaire to understand the...

17th National Conference on Health Economics

The Portuguese Association of Health Economics promotes, between October 20 and 22, 2021, at ISEG – Lisbon School of...

CHRC Investigator Featured in Observador

Involuntary admissions, forced medication, or isolated patients. Deborah Aluh investigates the factors that...

Public health futures debated on November 10-12

Dedicated to the theme "Public health futures in a changing world / Public health futures in a changing world", the...

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Summit of the Comprehensive Health Research Center – CHRC

The 2nd summit of the CHRC community takes place in Évora, on the 18th (online) and 19th (in person) of November...

Thematic Lines

In order to facilitate their study, the research projects at CHRC are organized according to different thematic lines. The participation of different research groups enables a more complete and multidisciplinary approach.

Latest Projects

COVID, Sleep, Health, Habits

DigiAdherence – supporting senior people at home

PrevOcupAI - Prevention of occupational disorders in public administration based on artificial intelligence

PREDICT - Personalized therapy for RhEumatic DIseases via machine learning


Revolutionizing Healthcare: Empowering patients by valuing innovation and promoting entrepreneurship: Patient2Entrepreneurship

Um sistema inteligente para melhorar a segurança do doente e acompanhamento remoto pós-alta em cirurgia cardiotorácica

Activage - CUFIoT4AHA

Fast Track Covid

Diagnóstico de Saúde da população servida pelas IPSS associadas da CNIS


IMPACT-HTA: Improved methods and actionable tools for enhancing Health Technology Assessment

FrailCare.AI - Intelligent frailty pathways for the Portuguese elderly population and impact analysis of the telecare service SNS24 Proximidade Sénior

Clinical performance and critical cardiac patient: Lean methodology and clinical simulation, innovation in health care

Estudo da Base de Dados da Rede Nacional de Cuidados Continuados Integrados

LEAVES - Optimizing the mental health and resilience of older adults that have lost their spouse via blended, online therapy


Multidisciplinary functional evaluation of cough

OSCAR - vOice Screening of CoronA virus

Projeto de apoio científico e supervisão das Equipas de Intervenção de Proximidade da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

COST Action – “The European Researchers' Network Working on Second Victims- ERNST

MHRights – Integrated Programme for the promotion of human rights of Persons with mental disorders

Population Health Information Research Infrastructure (PHIRI)

CA19133- EU Cost Action FOSTREN - Fostering a Collaborative Strengths-based Approach to Eliminating Coercion in European Mental Health Services

Joint Action Health Equities Europe (JAHEE)

COnhecer Mais PaRa Intervir MElhor – COMPRIME

PrimaryCare@COVID-19: Digital Platform for Supporting Chronic Patients and COVID-19 consultations and Monitoring in Primary Care

Produção e financiamento hospitalar no período pós-pandemia

O Impacto do uso da carboximaltose férrica na otimização da Hemoglobina pré-operatória no Patient Blood Management em hospitais portugueses

Caracterização do impacto no internamento hospitalar da doença vascular de 2010 a 2019

Avaliação do Desafio Stop Infeção Hospitalar!

Avaliação do Projeto de Prescrição Social em Unidades de Saúde Familiar em Lisboa

Index de Acesso à Inovação 2019

Perfil de Saúde, Determinantes e Utilização dos Serviços de Saúde da população do Município de Odivelas: contributos para o Planeamento e Intervenção em Saúde por parte dos atores municipais

Perfil de Saúde, Determinantes e Utilização dos Serviços de Saúde da população do Município de Torres Vedras: contributos para o Planeamento e Intervenção em Saúde por parte dos atores municipais

Boas Escolhas, Melhor Saúde

Barómetro Covid-19 Opinião Social: Conhecer, Decidir e Agir. Os Portugueses, a Covid-19 e as Respostas do Serviço Nacional de Saúde

Population Health Information Research Infrasctructure (PHIRI)

Gut microbiota, "Spark and Flame" of COVID-19 disease

Fatores de risco para infeção por SARS-CoV-2 em Portugal: um estudo caso-controlo de âmbito regional (ARSLVT)

HIV360 - HIV Core Outcome Set

The triad microbiota, immunity and recurrent pregnancy loss

Endometrial Natural Killer cells in recurrent pregnancy loss: a characterization by flow cytometry

“IoMum” Iodine status Monitoring in PortUguese pregnant woMen: impact of supplementation

Persistence of specific humoral and cellular immunity in children after SARS-CoV-2 infection

Endometrial Lymphocytic Populations in idiopathic Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Impact of HIV-1 genetic diversity in immunodeficiency

Uterine Electromyography Processing for Preterm Delivery - Risk Evaluation

Genetic causes of immune-dysregulation in early-onset Type 1 diabetes

Imunomodulação na Pancreatite Aguda

Reprogramming inflammatory follicular T cells (Tfhi): from the clinic to precision immunotherapies

Decoding immunometabolism to thwart HIV-1 follicular reservoir

Financiamento do VIH no continuum do percurso da pessoa com doença

National register for the study of central precocious puberty- multi-centric, prospective study of the prevalence, etiology, therapy and follow-up of CPP

G6PD deficiency and possible association of hearing loss or absence of speech in São Tomé e Príncipe

The burden and costs of refractory depression

Excitabilidade cortical e a sua modulação, in vivo, na Perturbação Depressiva Major

Father's presence in pregnancy surveillance: couple's perspective

Lysosome dysfunction in age-related diseases

MECHAPP - alterações metabólicas em doentes com primeiros episódiso psicóticos tratados com antipsicóticos: um estudo observacional

PsiPROSPER - A multicenter retrospective study to analyse the impact of treatment with paliperidone palmitate on clinical outcomes and hospital resource utilization in adult patients with schizophrenia in Portugal

DEP-CARE - Dementia in Primary Care: The Patient, the Carer and the Doctor in the Medical Encounter

Osteoarthritis and Adherence to Mediterranean Diet

Prevalence of Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) and performance evaluation of a PsA screening Questionnaire in the population of Portuguese patients with Psoriasis followed in a Dermatology setting (CheckAP)

Personalized therapy for RhEumatic DIseases via machine learning (PREDICT)

Improving Osteoporosis Treatment Adherence using ICTs: The Healthy Bone Program

Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis in Portugal: characterization of the population, current management and outcomes

No + Fracture Portugal Fracture Clinics Network Implementation

Check AP - Prevalence of Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) and performance evaluation of a PsA screening Questionnaire in the population of Portuguese patients with Psoriasis followed in a Dermatology setting

SPLIT – Tratamento estratificado para indivíduos com dor lombar nos cuidados de saúde primários

SARA - SPLIT Application for Remote Rehabilitation

MyBack - Efetividade e implementação de um programa de autogestão personalizado para prevenir recorrências e incapacidade e promover a saúde músculo-esquelética em utentes com lombalgia

UrbanTB: From symptoms to diagnosis of Urban Tuberculosis, considering individual and contextual factors. What are the determinants and critical points of this delay?

Early recognition of cardiac injury associated with COVID-19 and clinical outcomes

Heparina de baixo peso molecular no tratamento da restrição de crescimento fetal precoce

ARCO - Alentejo Region Applied Research for COVID-19

Finnee - From spectra to formulas

FOIE GRAS: Bioenergetic Remodelling in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Quadro temporário relativo a medidas de auxílio estatal em apoio da economia no atual contexto do surto de covid-19

Ventilador de emergência minimalista por pressão controlada para COVID-19

CONCORDIA: avaliação das principais preocupações da pessoa com Diabetes Mellitus tipo 2 na gestão da doença e fatores mais valorizados na consulta

Dieta Mediterrânica Promove Saúde (MEDITA)

Customized Human Milk Fortification Based on Measured Human Milk Composition to Improve the Quality of Growth in Very Preterm Infants: A Mixed-Cohort Study Protocol

cLabel+: “Alimentos inovadores “clean label” naturais, nutritivos e orientados para o consumidor”

VITACOV: Vitamin D-related polymorphisms and vitamin D levels as risk biomarkers of COVID-19 infection severity

MONET: Unravelling Microbiota-gut-brain axis paintings in obesity-associated Neuroinflammation: the blackbErry signaTure study

InDEPENDEnt/Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant

COVID-19 pandemic: the social distance at the school playground and its effects on children’s social-emotional competence and physical activity

Outdoor-oriented Practices in Early Childhood Education Project

UniverCIDADE VI – Programa de Desenvolvimento Desportivo

Academias do Conhecimento Gulbenkian OUT-TO-IN

Intestinal colonization in newborn infants with enterostomy

Efeitos de dois programas de intervenção nos fatores de risco de queda em idosos residentes na comunidade: programa de intervenção psicomotora versus programa de intervenção psicomotora combinada com exercício vibratório

CNIS_2019_2020 - Estudo “Projeto de INTERVENÇÃO COMPLEXA: As respostas sociais no percurso de cuidados à Pessoa com Dependência”

Análise e desenho modelo PIC HESE interoperabilidade e Taxonomia de Cuidados

ETIC (end-of-life trajectories in care) – Managing end-of-life trajectories in palliative care: a study on the work of healthcare professionals

Projeto 4IE + - Instituto Internacional de Investigação e Inovação do Envelhecimento

CIE - Centro Internacional sobre el Envejecimiento

PSL - Pograma para una Sociedade Longeva

aN Eu Curriculum for chef gasTro-engineering in primAry food care

ESACA - Ageing Safely in Alentejo. Understanding for Action

MicroSpA & MicroRA: The role of microbiome on biological therapy efficacy in axial Spondyloarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis - a new paradigm

InDEPENDEnt/Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant

Literacia em Saúde na prevenção de doenças crónicas (Diabetes)

Concilia.UE - Promover e Desenvolver a Conciliação da Vida Profissional, Pessoal e Familiar na Universidade de Évora

Literacia em Saúde da população do Ensino Superior: Desafios em Portugal

Integração de Imigrantes como Estratégia de Desenvolvimento Global: Evidência Experimental para Portugal e Cabo Verde

ELEVATE: Early detection of cervical cancer in hard-to-reach population of woman through portable and point-of-care HPV testing

Violência nas relações de intimidade em tempos de Covid-19: desigualdades de género e (novos) contornos da violência doméstica? (VD@Covid19)

Literacia em Saúde, Promoção da Saúde e Coesão Social em Populações Migrantes: Prevenção de Doenças Não-Transmissíveis

Relacionamentos, Stress e Agressão em tempos de Covid-19 em Portugal: novos contornos na violência doméstica e desigualdades de género? (RSA Covid-19)

European Human Biomonitoring Initiative (HBM4EU)

MycoClimaChange – Exposure to mycotoxins in a climate change scenario

Intervenção da Saúde Ocupacional junto dos profissionais de saúde com exposição a SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) na recuperação da pandemia

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