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Development of MCT-Silver Strategies in Portugal discussed in German institutions

The project “Metacognitive Training for Depression in Later Life”, coordinated in Portugal by Prof. Lara Pinho from...

International Workshop - Impacts of early life exposure to environmental Contaminants: children’s health in the Anthropocene

The University of Évora, along with researchers from the CHRC, is organizing an international workshop within the...

Mário JDS Santos coordinated the “Binarism and the non-binary” seminar, hosted by CHRC and CIES-ISCTE

On July 14, marking the International Non-Binary People’s Day, the CHRC and CIES-Iscte jointly hosted a seminar on...

Thematic Lines

In order to facilitate their study, the research projects at CHRC are organized according to different thematic lines. The participation of different research groups enables a more complete and multidisciplinary approach.

Latest Projects

COVID, Sleep, Health, Habits

DigiAdherence – supporting senior people at home

PrevOcupAI - Prevention of occupational disorders in public administration based on artificial intelligence

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