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Seminar "Behavioral Economics for Chronic Disease Prevention"

The Seminar "Behavioral Economics for Chronic Disease Prevention" will take place at the National...

Welcome to the 5th CHRC Annual Summit

The 5th edition of the most important event of the year for the CHRC will happen on the 23rd and 24th of September...

Microcredential “Basic Principles in Perinatal Mental Health” as the main kickoff of the Project Matter

On the last April 9 and 12, the Kickoff of the pioneering project Matter – Perinatal Mental Health started of with...

Thematic Lines

In order to facilitate their study, the research projects at CHRC are organized according to different thematic lines. The participation of different research groups enables a more complete and multidisciplinary approach.

Latest Projects

Erasmus+ Training of educators for transfer of transversal skills

Projeto Erasmus+ Additional support and Mediated learning in Inclusive education

COVID, Sleep, Health, Habits

About CHRC

CHRC is a new centre of excellence for research, training and innovation, in health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation and healthcare services.

Based in Portugal, this consortium is composed of healthcare professionals, researchers, academics, patients and entrepreneurs who work together towards a common goal.

CHRC provides a unifying environment for health research, innovation and education in public health, lifestyles, nursing, rehabilitation and clinical research.

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