PORTHOS - Epidemiological Research to study the reality of Heart Failure in Portugal

PORTHOS - Epidemiological Research to study the reality of Heart Failure in Portugal

PORTHOS project – the largest free cardiac screening ever made in Portugal to study and determine the prevalence of symptomatic heart failure in the Portuguese population – was launched earlier this month.

“After more than 20 years, with a different demographic background profound changes in the social and economic environment and even different definitions of heart failure, it’s important to perform anew research, aimed at understanding the epidemiology and with this, make better clinical, health care organization, and Health policies." said Victor Gil, President of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology.

The PORTHOS project aims to study heart failure's current prevalence and clinical characteristics. To do so, PORTHOS will include 5616 participants, a representative sample of the Portuguese population (with 50 years of age or older), and a specialized research team (3 health professionals present on-site and 1 specialist in diagnostics and therapeutics in the cardiopneumology area). 

The project will happen in the five regions of Portugal’s mainland (North, Center, Lisbon and Tejo Valley, Alentejo and Algarve). According to the specifics of this study, the ACES of these regions will randomly invite participants (registered in the respective health units).

The reception of these participants, plus their clinical information and blood samples collection, will be performed through a mobile laboratory that will travel across Portugal’s mainland – PORTHOS truck. The latter’s structure is ready to fulfil all the project’s specific stages, study design, and accomplish the main research goals.

PORTHOS is promoted by the PORTUGUESE SOCIETY OF CARDIOLOGY, with ASTRAZENECA and NOVA MEDICAL SCHOOL as partners. All these institutions have great experience in academia, research, and innovation for the benefit of civil society. 

Know more about the project here: https://batecertocoracao.pt



Andreia Santos