Public presentation of P-IN project’s outcomes

Public presentation of P-IN project’s outcomes

With the Support of CHRC, the P-IN project had their results presented last december at University of Évora. This project envolves CHRC, the Department of Medical and Health Sciences of the School of Health and Human Development of the University of Évora, in collaboration with the Senior University of Évora, the Évora Teachers' Social Solidarity Association and the Nossa Senhora da Piedade Kindergarten. Together, the institutions have developed an Intergenerational Intervention Project: Cri(activity), Health and Well-being P-IN (3-60+), which aims to promote INTERGENERATIONAL COEXISTENCE AND CREATIVITY.

The results of the work carried out and the evaluation of the project's impact highlighted the positive impact of the results of the program to those involved and their guests, bringing together a total of 60 participants.

“In children there was an increase in positive beliefs about seniors as well as an increase in skills to understand and recognize emotions, they also reduced their levels of physiological activation (assessed through salivary cortisol levels between the beginning and end of the sessions). The seniors showed high levels of satisfaction, given the opportunity for intergenerational interaction with children and technicians and to collaborate in the children's training, remembering good times from their own childhood and the motivation to leave home.

Finally, the children's books developed by the participants were presented (24 children aged 3-4 years and 10 seniors aged between 65 and 83 years) in a co-creation work coordinated by Adelinda Candeias (Department of Medical Science and Health and CHRC), Anabela Ramos (Jardim Nossa Senhora da Piedade), Soraia Carmo (Sénior University of Évora) and Leocádia Oliveira (Évora Teachers' Social Solidarity Association) and technical support from Adriana Félix (CHRC and University of Évora) , Elsa Lamy (MED - University of Évora), Monika Wiech (University of Gdansk) and Emília Pegacho (Jardim Nossa Senhora da Piedade). The books were developed in digital and paper format: A História dos Nosso Brinquedos and O Gato das Botas no Palácio D. Manuel, and were publicly presented and delivered by hand to all participants and team in the session on December 6th. The desire for new intergenerational co-creations remains, promoting creativity, coexistence and well-being.”



Andreia Santos


Adelinda Araújo Candeias