CHAIN Biobank

CHAIN Biobank

The CHAIN Biobank is a key instrumental infrastructure of CHRC. Its mission is to provides a supporting pillar for biomedical, clinical, and translational research activities, especially in the areas of health promotion and chronic diseases such as musculoskeletal, cardio and respiratory disorders as well as mental health.

The CHAIN biobank is located at Nova Medical School (NMS), Faculty of Medical Sciences and is approved by NMS ethics committee and authorized by the Portuguese National Commission for Data Protection.  Data management and confidentiality good practices were recognized through the Data Privacy Impact Assessment evaluation performed by NOVA Data Protection Officer (2019). CHAIN Biobank is a member of the National Biobank Network:

The main objectives of CHAIN Biobank are:

  • To support biomedical, translational and clinical research activities developed at the CHRC. The areas addressed are related to chronic diseases (such as musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, oncological and respiratory diseases);
  • To collect a wide range of human biological samples (solid and fluid) with clinical data relevant to research into new therapeutic strategies and with a significant impact on public health;
  • To manage existing collections for use in research projects that will provide added value to the CHRC;
  • To maintain an optimized quality management system in order to provide the highest quality control and assurance;
  • To provide support to researchers working with human biospecimens, such as SOP developments or study projects, for example;
  • To ensure confidentiality and protection of participants' data;
  • To conduct all activities in line with national and international legal and ethical guidelines.

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Ana Rodrigues

Head for the Executive committe

Maria Assunção