Methods and Data Analysis

Methods and Data Analysis

The CHRC supports its members by using quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis.

This infrastructure is based on the Office of Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis Methods, headquartered at the National School of Public Health. Data analysis support is provided equally to members of all CHRC management units.

For this purpose, 2 specialists are appointed:

  • a postdoctoral researcher, specializing in quantitative data analysis;
  • a postdoctoral researcher specializing in qualitative data analysis.

Both are coordinated by a senior researcher from the National School of Public Health, appointed by the Executive Committee.

The main objectives of the Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis Methods Office are:

  • To advise on the planning of collection and subsequent collection and analysis of data from research projects at CHRC;
  • To provide support on data analysis methodologies;
  • To provide advice on the available data analysis tools;
  • To develop and implement courses on data analysis methodologies, in conjunction with the Education and Training Centre.


Contact us:

Sónia Dias

Head for the Executive committe

Mário JDS Santos

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