2nd Annual Summit –Awards Ceremony of CHRC Research Grants 2021

2nd Annual Summit –Awards Ceremony of CHRC Research Grants 2021

After an afternoon filled of conferences, oral presentations and pitch's of the Thematic Lines of CHRC, it was time for the 2021 CHRC Grants Awards Ceremony. Three projects carried out by researchers from CHRC were awarded and this will be the last Ceremony of the first major event of our research center in person.

The awarded projects are:

1º - Reforming the reform: an evidence-based financing model for the Portuguese primary care (REF2PRIM)- Julian Perelman :  30.000€

2º- The effects of whole-body vibration (WBV) on the management of osteoporosis in early menopausal women-  Saba Silva: 25.000€

3º- KneeCare@Home: Home exercise-based rehabilitation program following surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament - João Paulo Sousa: 25.000€

CHRC's mission is to provide vital support for innovative projects led by CHRC researchers that provides an opportunity for the necessary evolution and innovation inside the public health sector. Congratulations to our awarded researchers!



Andreia Santos


Julian Perelman

João Paulo Sousa