3rd CHRC Annual Summit happens next November 3 and 4!

3rd CHRC Annual Summit happens next November 3 and 4!

The annual meeting of CHRC researchers and members is getting closer and will take place in person at the MMM Auditorium of NOVA Medical School, on November 3 and 4.

In this 3rd edition, CHRC will bring new ideas and themes, conferences and “Hot Topics” that will result in inspiring lectures by experts in the multiple areas of transversal knowledge for CHRC researchers.

In this event, CHRC will have the presence of several renowned national and international specialists, such as Nick Stergiou from the area of Science Translation, Pedro Oliveira from the broad innovation, Joana Lobo Antunes from the Science Communication area, Susan Michie and Robert West from the area of knowledge transfer to policy, and Jeremy Grimshaw from the area of implementation research. These are the leaders of the “Hot Topics” of this 3rd edition.

CHRC will also involve the usual participation of its members with work presentations, presentations by PhD students with PhD grants from CHRC, presentation of the “ongoing” projects of the CHRC of 2020 and 2021 and the winning projects of the CHRC Grants Research 2022 will also be announced.

This edition will have more space for socializing and will offer a social program to its members, with the aim of getting to know each other better and to create the contact we want between researchers, crossing areas of expertise and motivating more networking in projects that can combine multiple thematic areas, thus fulfilling the vision and mission of CHRC.

If you are a CHRC members…

Make your registration (mandatory): https://forms.gle/WzTpUMb7AP9eTGTj7

Learn more about the event program: https://www.chrcam.uevora.pt/programa/

Do you want to attend the 3rd CHRC Annual Summit Dinner, on November 3? The price is 35€/person and needs your registration here:


You can find all the event information in the 3rd CHRC Annual Summit official website: https://www.chrcam.uevora.pt/

CHRC looks forward to see you on November 3 and 4!



Andreia Santos