Cardiofollow AI as a digital health intervention in heart procedures - CHRC Talks #5

Cardiofollow AI as a digital health intervention in heart procedures - CHRC Talks #5

The 5th session of CHRC Talks was attended by CHRC researchers Ana Rita Londral, executive director of Value for Health CoLAB and Jorge Santos, clinical researcher and cardiac surgeon at Hospital de Santa Marta, to present a pioneering project in the area of monitoring post-surgery of cardiac interventions through new digital tools, increasing the value of this monitoring service in the area of Health.

The project is called “Cardiofollow AI” and is managed by the collaborative laboratory Value for Health CoLAB, established by partnerships as Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, CUF, Fraunhofer Portugal and Vodafone, with the aim of creating collaboration networks between academy and society, developing solutions and health services with a focus on analyzing values in favor of the sustainability of health services and those that may have greater value nowadays.

The “Cardiofollow AI” project is characterized by a set of digital monitoring services, by telemonitoring through the cardiac emergency service at Hospital Santa Marta in Lisbon. This is an automated process of transmitting data on the patient's health status from home to the place where healthcare is provided, in order to analyze the follow-up of the post-surgical period in cardiac interventions for three months and to evaluate the clinical actions taken during this same period.

The intentions include reducing the length of hospitalization, analyzing the risk and evaluating the results of surgical interventions outside the healthcare unit through digital tools that allow the telemonitoring of the patient. The three main pillars of this project are based on the study of clinical impact and effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction associated with this new strategy, and finally, being able to measure the value of this service.

The equipment used in the study consisted of 13 telemonitoring kits: 1 cell phone, 1 app, 1 blood pressure meter, 1 scale and 1 smartwatch for monitoring the patient outside the health unit. In this way, real-time digital monitoring of the patient is guaranteed, taking into account risk assessment and maximizing the data collected on post-surgical recovery.

The project also inserted itself in the area of health literacy, which led to the coordination of the publication of the book “I'm going to have a heart operation, what now? Guide for a quick recovery” with the support of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, to boost health literacy in cardiac interventions, as part of the CardioFollow.AI project.

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