CHRC 2nd Annual Summit Highlights

CHRC 2nd Annual Summit Highlights

On May 13, the CHRC 2nd Annual Summit was hosted by the University of Évora, at Colégio Espírito Santo. After some rough years of the Pandemic, CHRC Community was finally able to get together in person in Évora. New challenges, new knowledge, divisions and collaborations within the scope of CHRC thematic lines were discussed and at the same time the much-desired personal interaction between members of the Research Center.

The event started with the speach of Dr. Hermínia Vilar, DEAN of the University of Évora. In this session, there was also an intervention of Prof. Armando Raimundo, Director of the School of Health and Human Development at the University of Évora and Prof. Manuel Lopes, Director of the S. João de Deus Nursing School, also from the University of Évora.

The first speeches during the opening session reinforced the importance of this meeting with the CHRC Community and the importance of looking to the challenges happening in the health area in the present days and in the future.

The first conference of the 2nd Annual Summit was held by Prof. Helena Canhão, coordinator of the CHRC and Director of NOVA Medical School. It was highlighted at the “CHRC Past & Future” conference that CHRC is a “multidisciplinary, multi-institutional and integrated consortium, aimed at supporting, developing and promoting training and clinical, public health and health services research.” Prof. Helena Canhão recalled that in 2021 the research center had 314 integrated researchers and 578 scientific papers published. She also indicated that CHRC has an active participation in 122 projects (total funding of 68M), collaboration with 2 laboratories, 48 international networks and working groups, 29 consortiums and at the moment with a registered patent, as well a software developed within the scope of CHRC.

After the “CHRC Past & Future” conference, Professor Catarina Resende de Oliveira conducted a Masterclass where she presented to the CHRC Community a brief analysis of the research challenges in the health area and the role of Clinical Academic Centers, as well the potential solutions to these challenges.

During the afternoon, the CHRC five thematic lines conferences started. The main speakers were the “heads” of each of the thematic lines, such as Professor and Director of ENSP-NOVA Sónia Dias, Professor Nuno Neuparth from NOVA Medical School, Professor Julian Perelman from ENSP-NOVA, Professor Manuel Lopes from University of Évora, Professors Ana Rodrigues and as her guest, Marta Moreira Marques from NOVA Medical School and EpiDoC.

After closing the CHRC thematic lines conferences, it was time for the CHRC Research Grants 2nd EDITION – 2021. The three award-winning projects were carried out by the integrated researchers of the CHRC: “Reforming the reform: an evidence-based financing model for the Portuguese primary care (REF2PRIM)” by Julian Perelman, winner of the first place, with a funding of €30,000, “The effects of whole-body vibration (WBV) on the management of osteoporosis in early menopausal women” by Saba Silva which won the 2nd place and “KneeCare@Home: Home exercise-based rehabilitation program following surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament” by João Paulo Sousa, winner of the 3rd place. Both received an amount of €25,000.

After the 2nd Annual Summit Award Ceremony, the Closing Session brought great news for the CHRC Community. The 3rd edition of the Summit will be happening in next November. 

CHRC looks forward to see you again in Évora, next November.



Andreia Santos