CHRC and UÉ brought the Conference of the International Graphonomics Society to Évora

CHRC and UÉ brought the Conference of the International Graphonomics Society to Évora

Between the 17th and 19th of October, the 21st international conference of the “International Graphonomics Society” (IGS) was held and organized by the School of Health and Human Development of the University of Évora and the Comprehensive Health Research Centre, having Ana Rita Matias from CHRC and ESDH-UÉvora as chairman.

The main objective of the IGS is the advancement of research in the area of Graphonomics and how it could impact other areas of research, for example, forensics or motor control.

The opening ceremony can count on welcome words from Rui Salgado, director of IFFA, Armando Raimundo, Director of CHRC and ESDH-UÉvora, Claudio De Stefano, from the IGS steering committee, José Marmeleira, director of the Sports and Health Department from ESDH-UÉvora and CHRC researcher and the Chairman of this conference edition, Ana Rita Matias.

This conference had opened several different times to the research area linked to Graphonomics, such as several lectures by nationally and internationally renowned researchers, Oral Sessions with the participation of 21 works, a poster session where 8 works were presented, two special sessions on research which reports on the impact that neuromotor control can also have on the diagnosis of various neuromotor diseases through writing patterns and a new initiative, “The Doctoral Consortium”, where PhD students were invited to talk about their ideas for research, in order to receive opinions from mentors and establish possible cooperations for the future of their work.

In addition to the work space of this conference, the Organizing Committee offered a space for socializing, where a tour was carried out to the historic sites of Colégio Espírito Santo and then a wine tasting at Casa Ervideira, in order to demonstrate our typical Portuguese hospitality and the desire to showcase the best we have in our country.

“As IGS23 Chairman I am completly grateful for this Conference results. During 3 days knowledge and  synergies were shared and all participants took good memories. All of this is due to a great team work. As Helen Keller said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. And we did! Thank you all with no exception.” - said the chairman, Ana Rita Matias.

The end of this conference guaranteed the exchange of knowledge between researchers within the area of Graphonomics, learning about the new work and strategies that are taking place in the area, as well as possible future international collaborations in Graphonomics research.



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Armando Raimundo

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