CHRC joins the Science and Art Mission project in Évora

CHRC joins the Science and Art Mission project in Évora

The School of Nursing of São João de Deus along with School of Health and Human Development and Comprehensive Health Research Center (CHRC) of University of Évora will join the Science and Art Mission project. In partnership with Évora City Council, this institutions will highlight a set of projects in the area of health and ageing. This event will take place on March 30, between 16h00 and 22h00 at Palácio D. Manuel, Évora, and will count on the following formats:

. Thematic presentations where it will be revealed the results of projects in the health area:

Presentation 1 – Institutionalized versus non-institutionalized elderly

Presentation 2 – Caring for people with dependency

Presentation 3 – Assessment and intervention in people with chronic diseases

Presentation – Projects in the field of pharmacological drugs

Presentation – Health in sexuality

Presentation – Health of children and young people: a challenge to the aging process

. Activities to develop with the visitors:

Activity 1 - “Play and Relax” – an activity for caregivers

Activity 2 - Metacognitive Training: a mental health promotion strategy

Activity 3 - Workshop: Strengthening the body against violence

Activity 4 - Assessment of Physical Fitness and counseling for the practice of physical activity

Activity 5 - RECONNECT with yourself: experience of a psychomotricity session.

You can find the full program here:

The entries are free and no registrations are required.

This event is organized in partnership between University of Évora (Nursing School of São João de Deus and School of Health and Human Development) and Évora City Council. It's funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the scope of the POCTEP project, International Institute for Research and Innovation in Aging.



Andreia Santos