CHRC researchers awarded by AGAP – Portugal Ativo

CHRC researchers awarded by AGAP – Portugal Ativo

Professors from University of Évora and CHRC researchers José Parraça and Orlando Fernandes, along with Carolina Cabo, Master in Exercise and Health from the Sports Department of ESDH/University of Évora, were awarded with the “2021 Research Award” by AGAP – Active Portugal with the project “Active Retirement: Effects of the application of a training program in the stimulation of the sensorimotor system”.

“This project aims to understand whether the practice of exercise will bring improvements in sensorimotor capabilities, such as gait, physical ability, agility, postural control during the aging process. The regular practice of physical exercise is an attractive and effective strategy to delay loss of physical capabilities.” - said Carolina Cabo.

The main goal of the “2021 Research Award” aims to distinguish an Associated Professional who promotes research projects related to the area of Fitness and Health in Portugal and the “Active Retirement” project was recognized and consequently awarded.

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