CHRC Talks premieres on June 30

CHRC Talks premieres on June 30

CHRC is pleased to announce that the CHRC Talks will premiere on the next June 30!

CHRC TALKS is an initiave from several researchers from the Comprehensive Health Research Center, with the aim to join all members and guests to talk about several topics on Health Research and bring interactivity and knowledge from several different research areas in Health!


CHRC Talks #1

Technology at the service of health, sports and human development

June 30, 2023 | 12h00 – 14h00

Technology has been improving the day-to-day life of individuals on several levels. The changes resulting from access to technology impact the behavior of human being, who has to learn to keep up with this evolution. In this session, the different ways of applying technology to health, sports, and human development will be addressed by presenting projects developed in the Department of Sports and Health (School of Health and Human Development, CHRC-UÉ).

Speakers: Hugo Folgado, Jorge Bravo, Paulo Pereira and Ana Rita Matias.


How to access to the 1st session of CHRC Talks:

. Zoom Session:

. CHRC Youtube Channel: - Subscribe to our Youtube Channel! All the CHRC Talk sessions will be streamed live on Youtube!

. CHRC Website: The new page dedicated to CHRC Talks will be availble soon!



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