Deborah Oyine Aluh awarded by Prémio João Monjardino 2023

Deborah Oyine Aluh awarded by Prémio João Monjardino 2023

The researcher from CHRC, NOVA Medical School and the Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health, Deborah Oyine Aluh was awarded by the Prémio João Monjardino 2023 as first author of the article “Contextual factors influencing the use of coercive measures in Portuguese mental health care”, which had the its publication in the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry in 2023.

This event took place at NOVA Medical School and was attended by the President of the Pulido Valente Foundation, Rui Pulido Valente, the DEAN of NMS and CHRC Coordinator, Helena Canhão, the President of FCT, Madalena Alves and the Board Member of FFPV, Maria do Carmo Fonseca.

After receiving the award, Deborah presented her work to the audience and a protocol was signed between the Pulido Valente Foundation and AICIB, which was represented by its vice-president, Paula Macedo.

We extend our sincere congratulations to our researcher and to all the researchers who contribute to the excellence of our Research Centre.

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Deborah Oyine Aluh