“DESAFIO NOS” project awarded at the Open Innovation Challenges

“DESAFIO NOS” project awarded at the Open Innovation Challenges

Catarina Gonçalves, PhD student in Human Motricity at University of Évora and CHRC researcher, saw her project “DESAFIO NOS” awarded in the Open Innovation Challenges competition promoted by ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação. “DESAFIO NOS” is an intelligent and multifunctional platform whose objective is “to improve the athlete's performance, avoiding the risk of injury, as well as helping in the rehabilitation of athletes' injuries”.

According to Catarina, this platform “evaluates the biomechanics of the athlete's movement (such as, for example, the athlete's gait/running/jumping pattern) and is equipped with a three-dimensional belt to provide stability and/or instability in the movement, place and/or removing body weight, combined with augmented reality challenges for dual task work, attention, decision making, quick response/reaction time, etc.) while the athlete is on top of the platform”.

Full news article: https://www.uevora.pt/ue-media/noticias?item=37676


Image credits: Universidade de Évora



Andreia Santos


Catarina Gonçalves