Paper by Dr. Marta Marques as a senior author published in JMIR Publications

Paper by Dr. Marta Marques as a senior author published in JMIR Publications

The paper in which Dr. Marta Marques from NOVA Medical School and researcher at CHRC collaborated as senior author – Evaluation of the Immediate Effects of Web-Based Intervention Modules for Goals, Planning and Coping Planning on Physical Activity: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial on Weight Loss Maintenance – was published in JMIR Publications.

This study examined if engaging with two digital intervention modules focusing on physical activity goals and action plans, and coping with barriers had immediate effects on the actual physical activity behaviour. The modules implemented two core behaviour change techniques: Goal setting and action planning and coping planning (selection of strategies to overcome personal barriers to physical activty).

These modules were part of the NoHoW Toolkit, a digital intervention for supporting long-term weight loss maintenance, developed through a H2020 project and evaluated in a 2 x 2 factorial randomized controlled trial, in three european countries.

How was it possible to collect data for this study? To be able to comply with the continuous monitoring of weight maintenance and physical activity of the participants, the digital intervention was supported by measurement devices such as Fitbit Aria TM and Charge 2 TM.

“These behaviour change techniques – action planning and coping planning are documented in the literature as fundamental strategies for adherence and self-regulation of health behaviors (alongside with self-monitoring). Until now, there wasn’t any study analysing if the delivery of these techniques on a digital platform had an immediate effect on physical activity.” said Dr. Marta Marques.

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