Project PREVENTABLE receives funding from Horizon Europe

Project PREVENTABLE receives funding from Horizon Europe

The main work of this project is leaded by CHRC and EpiDoc of NMS researchers, Marta Marques and Ana Rodrigues, in a training project for people with hereditary cancer.

“The project PREVENTABLE aims to increase current knowledge about models of care delivery to people with hereditary cancer, also known as Rare Tumor Risk Syndromes (RTRS). The NMS team will lead a workpackage focused on behavioral analysis of decision making in relation to RTRS syndrome healthcare models. We will use a mixed methodological approach (data collection by questionnaire and focus groups, in the various countries that make up the Consortium).This project will strengthen the behavioral sciences research line at the Epidoc group, NMS- Comprehensive Health Research Center (CHRC), as we will test and evaluate the application of behavioral science frameworks to improve healthcare delivery in rare deseases.” – explained Dr. Marta Marques in an interview with NMS Communication Office.

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