Renowned international and national specialists will lead the “Hot Topics” of the 3rd CHRC Annual Summit

Renowned international and national specialists will lead the “Hot Topics” of the 3rd CHRC Annual Summit

On November 3 and 4, the 3rd CHRC Annual Summit will be held and the program will include “hot topics” that will bring inspiring lectures by experts in multiple areas of transversal knowledge for CHRC researchers. On the Speakers Panel, CHRC will have the presence of several renowned national and international specialists:

. Nick Stergiou of Science Translation area, Director of the Biomechanics Research Building and Human Movement Variability Research Center at the University of Nebraska in Omaha and renowned researcher for discovering the importance of Human Movement Variation that combines innovative virtual technology as an essential treatment for the recovery of the natural and imperfect movement of our body;

.Pedro Oliveira from the Innovation area, Founder and President of “Patient Innovation” and visionary in building a network of solutions in Health innovation, bonding patients, caregivers and collaborators from all over the world, gathering the research community to share new and innovative tools and treatments;

. Joana Lobo Antunes, Director of Communication at Instituto Superior Técnico and Guest Professor of Scientific Communication at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa – Faculty of Sciences, Social and Humanities (NOVA FCSH). Joana is a national reference in Science Communication and uses several innovative communication tools to help scientists improve their communication, as she believes that science must be communicated in a clear and perceptible way. In addition, Joana is the coordinator of the “90 Segundos de Ciência” program, where Portuguese researchers can find a space to communicate their work;

. Susan Michie and Robert West are unavoidable world references for the translation of knowledge to public policies and every clinical researchers can learn a lot about this important field, just by listening to them;

. Jeremy Grimshaw from Implementation Science area, twice awarded by CIHR Knowledge Translation and by 2018 CIHR Barer-Flood for Health Services and Policy Research. Grimshaw is also a co-founder of “The Center for Implementation Research” (CIR) and has done exceptional work internationally to guide and train the next generation who will lead and advance the development and application of Implementation Science in healthcare settings. to enable the improvement of health care and health.

These will be the leaders of the “Hot Topics” of this 3rd edition.

Access to the program of the event and learn more about the Hot Topics:



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