Teresa Paiva became ambassador of the BIAL Fundation

Teresa Paiva became ambassador of the BIAL Fundation

Teresa Paiva, CHRC researcher and Clinical Director of CENC - Sleep Medicine Center and collaborator of the Graduate Studies in Sleep Psychology of the UCP and Sleep of Childhood and Adolescence of ESSCVP, became the newest ambassador of the BIAL Foundation.

“The BIAL Foundation, by proposing scientific funding for areas on the frontier between knowledge and science, successfully threw a “stone in the pond”, whose ripples has not stopped growing. On the other hand, it has been an example of private scientific funding with a rigorous methodology, and therefore very important in our country. The international weight that it progressively acquires is yet another indicator of the quality of its work. Finally, it represents the realization of a dream, the sublimation of an idea, and the fulfilment of a mission.”

The CHRC would like to congratulate Teresa Paiva on her new role. Our center is immensely proud of our renowned reseachers achievements in this 3 years of CHRC existence, making us a Research unit scored as Excellent.” 

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Teresa Paiva