Sensation and hearing disorders

Sensation and hearing disorders

This research group includes 2 teams of ear, nose and throat. 

The main objectives of these teams are to develop effective strategies and treatments to improve or rehabilitate individuals with sensation disorders, particularly elderly individuals, and alleviate communication, social, and economic problems resulting from hearing loss, taste and smell disorders.

These researchers had contributed to these objectives by:

  • Developing instruments, valid for European Portuguese speakers, to evaluate the satisfaction of hearing aid users;
  • Analysing daily cochlear implant used in adults using datalogging software;
  • Evaluating the contribution of speech reading in the word intelligibility of individuals with age-related hearing loss;
  • Determining the distribution of human olfactory mucosa in the nasal cavities;
  • Defining european tinnitus guidelines, to establish uniformity in the assessment and treatment of adult patients with subjective tinnitus.

The most commonly used methodologies have been: systematic reviews, qualitative analysis, Delphi methodology, cross-sectional exploratory studies in stratified populations.

Our Researchers

Ana Almeida

Ana Rita Lameiras

António Portelada

Diogo Ribeiro

Guida Veiga

Haúla Haider

Joana Machorrinho

Maria Chora

Maria-Jesus Chasqueira

Mariana Donato