Communication Office

Communication Office

The communication services support all the communication between the research unit and the outside world, but also the dissemination of information between the CHRC management units.

This service is based at the Communication Office, headquartered at the University of Évora, providing services and collaborating equally with all CHRC management units.

For this purpose, a specialist is appointed, coordinated by the representative of the University of Évora on the Executive Committee.

The general objectives of the Communication Office are:

  • To promote institutional communication of investigations carried out by the CHRC, in all management units;
  • To promote dissemination actions to make civil society aware of the research developed at the CHRC;
  • To develop and implement, after approval, the CHRC's external and internal communication plan;
  • To promote science dissemination programs, including training in Science Communication;
  • To develop and distribute communication initiatives;
  • To manage mailing lists and support internal CHRC communication;
  • To keep the information on the CHRC website and other means of communication updated;
  • To manage CHRC's social media;
  • To mediate all contacts with the media;
  • To support the organization of scientific and institutional CHRC events, both internal and external;
  • To organize and receive visitors.

Contact us:

Armando Raimundo

Head for the Executive committe

Andreia Santos