Book on Gerontomotricity edited by CHRC researchers

Book on Gerontomotricity edited by CHRC researchers

Hugo Rosado and Catarina Pereira, Professors at the Department of Sport and Health from ESDH - University of Évora and both CHRC researchers, saw their book “Gerontomotricity – Therapeutic Exercises and Psychomotor Rehabilitation for Promoting the Independence of Elderly People: From Theory to Practice” published on the Coleção Claustro of Imprensa da Universidade de Évora.

Due to the gap in the literature regarding proposals for interactive cognitive-motor exercises in the context of intervention research, the CHRC researchers have published this book with the aim of increasing the knowledge in therapists, psychomotor therapists, and other exercise and health professionals whose work is focused on elderly people. This book explains the practice about intervention and other practice options with regard to therapeutic exercises and psychomotor rehabilitation, from theory to practice.

The book has the theoretical concept of support for gerontomotricity, as well the design of activities and interactive cognitive-motor exercises to be integrated into exercise programs and psychomotor interventions, which includes practical proposals for the promotion of functionality and maintenance of independence in elderly people residing in the community. In addition to these objectives, it’s also possible to find proposals for assessment techniques for gerontomotricity, to help find the needs and the ideal intervention program for each particular case within the senior population.

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