CHAIN Biobank powered by CHRC was launched

CHAIN Biobank powered by CHRC was launched

NOVA Medical School has launched the CHAIN Biobank on the January 12 of 2024, where is stored human biological samples, available to the entire national and international scientific community. The CHAIN Biobank is powered by CHRC and a key instrumental infrastructure of our Centre as a supporting pillar for biomedical, clinical, and translational research activities, especially in the areas of health promotion and chronic diseases. This brand new Biobank is managed by the CHRC researchers Maria Assunção and Ana Rodrigues, both from NOVA Medical School. 

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The presentation event brought together experts and personalities in the health field to discuss the challenges of Biobanks and their importance in research and innovation in health. Watch the presentation video at

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Andreia Santos


Ana Rodrigues

Maria Assunção