CHRC at the European Researchers' Night 2022/2023

CHRC at the European Researchers' Night 2022/2023

The European Researchers' Night 2022/2023 took place in several european cities, including cities in Portugal with the motto “Science for Everyone (SCIEVER) – Inclusion and Sustainability”. This initiative brought together several research centres, including the CHRC. In the city of Évora, CHRC was represented by researchers and professors from ESDH and ESESJD from University of Évora. 

Several activities were carried out on behalf of our research center:

. “Pensar sobre o próprio pensamento: estratégia promotora da saúde mental” - Metacognitive Training Project, which Lara Guedes de Pinho is the P.I);

. “Farmacovigilância fora da caixa” - Ana Margarida Advinha, together with the team from the Regional Pharmacovigilance Unit of the Center and North of Alentejo, participated in publicizing the importance of detecting suspected adverse reactions to medications, showing some of the activities that are carried out in this project collaboration with INFARMED, I.P;

. Psicomotricidade, Envelhecimento e Demências - Ana Morais and Ana Rita Matias facilitated demonstrations of psychomotor assessment scales for the elderly and a writing test for evaluating people with dementia.

We also had the collaboration of the person responsible for the CHRC Funding Office, Rui Raimundo, participating in an interview on the program “Portugal em Direto” (RTP1) where he explains the basis and motto of the CHRC:

This European initiative aims to provide space for the presentation of projects and initiatives planned in order to raise awareness among younger people about the relevance of research and innovation in Europe with a view to a more sustainable and inclusive future, but also about the fact that scientific careers can be decisive in finding solutions that minimize society's problems.



Andreia Santos


Rui Jorge Raimundo

Ana Margarida Advinha

Ana Rita Matias