CHRC Projects display in Health Promotion in Vulnerable Populations – CHRC Talks

CHRC Projects display in Health Promotion in Vulnerable Populations – CHRC Talks

The last session of the CHRC Talks brought together several CHRC and ENSP-NOVA researchers to present projects in the field of health promotion in vulnerable populations. This session was driven by the mission to improve the health and well-being of populations and reduce inequalities, helping the process of empowering people and communities to improve access and health literacy among vulnerable populations.

The objective of the research projects displayed within the scope of Health Promotion Group is divided into three important lines that support its fulfillment: understanding the determinants of health over the years of life; understand the health needs and resources; design, implement and evaluate intervention policies.

The several projects presented demonstrate how research is advancing towards the improvement of access to health, as well the increasing of the literacy in this area:

. Health Literacy, Health Promotion and Social Cohesion, where the importance of mapping the Health Literacy needs of immigrant populations is discussed to fight against low levels of health literacy and difficulties in self-management of Chronic Disease – presented by Ana Gama  (CHRC and ENSP-NOVA researcher);

. Concordia Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, whose objective is the assessment of the main concerns of people with this type of Diabetes, regarding the disease and medical consultation – presented by Fernando Genovez de Avelar (ENSP-NOVA researcher);

. Health Literacy for the prevention and control of Type 2 Diabetes- Health Literacy has been a very important tool to improve disease control insofar as Diabetes requires the exercise of a set of self-management skills for the disease – presented by Ana Rita Goes (CHRC and ENSP-NOVA researcher);

. Social Prescription, a project that assesses the current challenges regarding the reality of the population's health in Portugal. It seeks to provide answers related to ageing, increased life expectancy and also the influence of factors of the social determinants of health, with the aim of trying to provide a response to these needs – presented by Louise Hoffmeister  (CHRC and ENSP-NOVA researcher).

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The 3rd session of the CHRC Talks will take place on the 29th of September of 2023, with the theme “Implementing new service delivery models to support value-based care in musculoskeletal conditions”. Learn the program for the next CHRC Talks at



Andreia Santos


Louíse Viecili Hoffmeister

Ana Rita Goes

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