Biomedical Sciences Seminar

Biomedical Sciences Seminar

On November 24, at 9h00, Colégio Luís Verney of the University of Évora will host a cycle of seminars within the Topic of Biomedical Sciences, whose speakers will be CHRC researchers.

This event will be divided into three topics:

. Enquadramento dos MCD em Portugal: O Caso da Radiologia / Imagiologia - Rui Almeida, Univ. Algarve, ESS | CHRC

. Contributos de Imagiologia no Diagnóstico Clínico - Kevin Azevedo, Univ. Algarve, ESS | CHRC

. Avaliação de Tecnologias de Saúde em Portugal - António Abrantes, Univ. Algarve, ESS | CHRC | CICS.NOVA.UÉvora

The event has free admission and you can attend in person or via Zoom:

This cycle of seminars is organized by the Department of Medical and Health Sciences of the School of Health and Human Development from University of Évora and by the Course Committee, Degree in Biomedical and Health Sciences. It also has the support of the CHRC, CISC.NOVA.UÉvora and the Interdisciplinary Center for Social Sciences.



Andreia Santos