CHRC Talks #3

Implementation of new models of service delivery to support value-based care in musculoskeletal conditions.

The 3rd online session of the CHRC Talks will take place on the 29th of September, at 12h00.

Musculoskeletal disorders are the leading cause of disability, loss of healthy life years and loss of productive life worldwide, and their burden is expected to increase in the coming decades. Health services and professionals continue to provide fragmented and low-value care, which has contributed to the increase in its prevalence, associated disability, and economic burden. This session will present two research implementation projects (SPLIT and MyBack), developed to implement integrated, high-value care for people with low back pain. Challenges encountered and new research questions that result from this implementation and need collaborative and multidisciplinary research will also be presented for discussion.

The SPLIT project: Implementation of a stratified model of service delivery for managing patients with Low Back Pain in Primary Health Care. 

MyBack project:  Effectiveness and implementation of a behavior change informed exercise program to prevent recurrences in patients who recover from low back pain: a hybrid effectiveness-implementation randomized controlled study protocol. 

Speakers: Diogo Pires; Luís Gomes; Rita Fernandes, Eduardo Cruz from ESS/IPS.

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