Introductory Training in Expressive Arts Therapy, Trauma and Embodiment

Introductory Training in Expressive Arts Therapy, Trauma and Embodiment

November 17 – 19, 2023 | Universidade de Évora

The University of Évora, in a protocol with the Poiesis Institute and with the support of CHRC – Comprehensive Health Research Center, is promoting the introductory course Expressive Arts Therapy, Trauma and Embodiment to take place next November.

This introductory training is aimed at professionals and students who intend to integrate different expressive, creative and somatic resources into their practice, to work with trauma situations in the dimension of embodiment, as well as methodological principles of expressive arts therapy (TAE).

This training corresponds to the first didactic unit of the Post-Graduation in Expressive Arts Therapy, Trauma and Embodiment of the Poiesis Institute (Instituto Poiesis – Arteterapia, Trauma y Embodiment), created by professionals specialized in the area of movement, somatic education, art therapy, psychology and social sciences, who carry out their practice in clinical, psychosocial and artistic support contexts. The course follows the recommendations of TAE Barcelona – European Graduate School, and is inspired by pedagogical and somatic models (ISMETA, EADMT) and intermodal Art Therapy (Lesley University, Tamalpa Institute and IEATA).

Trainer: Edmundo dos Santos - MA Transdisciplinary Art Therapy and Human Development (ISPA-EGS) | PG Art Therapy and Supervision (ISPA/EGS). License Sociology. Spec. en Psicología y Antropología de la salud (UAB). Director of Instituto Poiesis and PG Arteterapia y Trauma - Art therapist, Professor and Supervisor with vast pedagogical and clinical experience in several situations related to trauma processes (among others: sexual abuse; traumatic brain injury, oncology and sex work), having worked in various clinical, institutional and community settings in Spain and India. He participated in several national and international congresses and gave courses in different countries.


.Provide resources within the scope of expressive arts therapy, for working with trauma and embodiment;

.Developing knowledge and understanding of expressive, creative techniques and therapeutic art, as well as somatic practices and their integration in the field of health;

.Developing appropriate, expressive and comprehensive skills, using these approaches;

.To deepen the benefits of different art therapeutic methodologies in therapeutic and educational contexts;

.To develop competences for monitoring and therapeutic intervention in trauma, from a holistic, creative and transdisciplinary perspective.

It is an excellent opportunity to enrich the personal and professional training of psychomotor therapists and psychotherapists who want to intervene with trauma victims.

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