Webinars for younger researchers from European Countries

Webinars for younger researchers from European Countries

The National School of Public Health (ENSP), within the scope of the COST Project – The European Researchers Network Working on Second Victims, will carry out in partnership a series of free workshops aimed at researchers and students interested in patient safety and the phenomenon of second victims.

Sofia Paiva from ENSP-NOVA is in charge of the organization as the project’s Training School Coordinator. In addition, Paulo Sousa, professor and researcher at ENSP-NOVA, is also involved in the event’s organization.

The workshops will be held on September 21-23, 2021. Each webinar will be 25-30 minutes + debate (15-20 minutes).

PROGRAM: https://www.ensp.unl.pt/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/program-workshops-for-younger-researchers-from-european-countries-for-dissemination-1.pdf

See information about the COST Project at: https://www.ensp.unl.pt/ensp-nova-vencedora-da-iniciativa-cost-action/

Registration is free but subject to registration at: