Funding Office

Funding Office

The CHRC provides funding services by assisting with administrative, formal and technical aspects of preparing proposals for applying for national or international funding.

This service is based on the Financing Support Office, with a tripartite headquarters in the three management units:

  • Nova Medical School - Faculdade de Ciências Médicas;
  • National School of Public Health;
  • Évora University.

The funding service is provided equally to members of all CHRC management units. For this purpose, 3 specialized professionals are coordinated by the Executive Management.


The global objectives of the Financing Support Office are:

  • To actively seek and publicize funding opportunities suitable to thematic lines, research groups or managing institutions of the R&D unit;
  • To monitor all stages of the application process: preparation, review and submission of the proposal;
  • To support mediation with funding entities during the application and negotiation processes;
  • To participate in training sessions for the preparation, submission and negotiation of applications for funding;
  • To participate in national and international networks of similar structures;
  • To monitor the development and closure of projects, in their technical-administrative and financial components, in conjunction with the services existing in the management units.

Contact us:

Rute Dinis de Sousa

Head for the Executive committe

Rui Jorge Raimundo