International Workshop organized by UÉ/CHRC brought renowned international specialists

International Workshop organized by UÉ/CHRC brought renowned international specialists

The International Workshop “Impacts of Early Life Exposure to Environmental Contaminants: Children's Health in the Anthropocene” took place at the University of Évora, with Professor and CHRC researcher Ramiro Pastorinho as co-chair.

The event brought to Évora some of the world's leading experts on the impact of synthetic chemicals on child development, with a particular focus on those who have the ability to disrupt the endocrine system.

The Keynotes of the four sessions were in charge of Doctor Shoji Nakayama (National Institute for Environmental Studies - NIES, Japan), Scientific Director of one of the largest and most robust studies in the world (JECS) that follows up 100,000 pregnant women and their children ( Session I: Children in a Chemicals' World); by Professor Leo Trasande, Professor of Environmental Pediatrics at New York University, author of numerous highly cited scientific publications, a book aimed at the general public, and a regular on American TV (Session II: A Clinical Take on Children and The Environment); from Professor Adrian Covaci (University of Antwerp, Belgium) one of the world's most respected scientists in monitoring environmental contaminants (Session III: Chemically Innocent: A Series of Unfortunate Contaminants), and Professor Greet Schoeters (University of Antwerp, Belgium) , Scientific Officer of the European Biomonitoring Program - HBM4EU (Session IV: Not Created Equal: Children's Chemical Exposure in The Anthropocene).

This event was an excellent demonstration of how Portugal and the University of Évora/CHRC in particular are at the forefront of this issue, in which more knowledge translates into better child health prevention measures.



Andreia Santos


Ana Catarina Sousa

M. Ramiro Pastorinho