Public Presentation of the OPPS Spring Report of 2022

Public Presentation of the OPPS Spring Report of 2022

Manuel Lopes, member of the CHRC Boards Directors, main Professor coordinator of the Nursing Department of the Escola Superior de Enfermagem S. João de Deus in Évora and member of the OPSS Coordination, will be the representative of the Spring Report of 2022 presentation session, published by the Portuguese Observatory of Health Systems. 

Researchers of CHRC, Professors Manuel Lopes, Julian Perelman and Paulo Sousa are the coordinators of the 2022 Spring Report.

The 2022 Spring Report also includes the participation of other CHRC researchers as reviewers and authors, such as Professors João Cordeiro, Ana Rita Pedro, Ana Escoval, Lara Pinho, César Fonseca, Teresa Magalhães, Bruno Heleno, Ana Rita Maria and Rui Santana. It also has the collaboration of the Faculty of Pharmacy (UL) and the University of Coimbra.

The Portuguese Observatory of Health Systems (OPSS) aims to provide all those who can influence health in Portugal, through a precise, periodic and independent analysis of the evolution of the Portuguese health system and the factors that determine it. The aim is to facilitate the formulation and implementation of effective health policies. The OPSS annually publishes a summary report about the evolution of the Portuguese health system, called the Spring Report.

How is the CHRC involved in the Spring Report?

“It’s involved to the exact extent that I and other CHRC researchers are involved in this project from many years now. There are other researchers at the CHRC that make part of this project, such as professors Julian Perelman, Ana Escoval, Lara Pinho, César Fonseca among others researchers from the research center.” – said Prof. Manuel Lopes

Can you tell us about your role at OPPS?

“I am part of the coordination of the OPSS, the entity responsible for preparing the Spring Report. Therefore, I am one of those responsible for the report and for several of the texts included in it.”

The Spring Report will be presented on June 21 at Fundação Calouste Gulbekian, auditorium 3 and you are all invited to attend. Entry is free.

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