Patient innovation and health innovation & entrepreneurship

Patient innovation and health innovation & entrepreneurship

Patient Innovation, health innovation and entrepreneurship research group is focused on applied research regarding innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. 

One of the main goals is to study and develop the user innovator potential, as it is proven to be a great source of solutions for validated needs. It has been developed different activities and projects, as academic research with several papers published, an open online platform of healthcare solutions sharing  - created by patients, caregivers and collaborators - with: 

The main methodological approaches used involve searching different information channels in order to identify innovative solutions developed by patients and caregivers anywhere in the world, as well as medical assessment of these identified solutions to ensure their safety and efficacy (drugs, edible/drinkable or intrinsically dangerous solutions are excluded). Relevant research data associated with the innovation process (and entrepreneurship where it exists) that is intrinsic to the description of the innovation under analysis is removed and processed to integrate an anonymized database that allows for easier data reading and analysis with a series of filters and tags.

Our Researchers

Ana Catarina Maia

Ana Filipa Mourão

Ana Londral

Ana Margarida Advinha

Ana Maria

Ana Rita Lameiras

Ana Rita Pedro

Anabela Coelho

Carolina Santos

Catarina Gonçalves

Cláudia Janeiro

César Fonseca

Daniela Brandão

David Mendes

Eduardo Netto

Fernando Augusto Bozza

Haúla Haider

Helena Canhão

Inês Alves

Isabel Fernandes

Joana Lobo Pimentel

Joana Seringa

Joao Valente Nabais

José Alberto Parraça

Liliana Laranjo

Madalena Lopo Tuna

Margarida Perdigão

Maria Chora

Maria Rente

Marta Dias

Marta M. Marques

Patricia Ribeiro Brito

Rúben Araújo

Salomé Azevedo

Sérgio Laranjo

Sónia Dias

Teresa Magalhães