This research group gathers: 

  • Rheumatologists;
  • Orthopedists;
  • Pediatricians;
  • Rehabilitation therapists;
  • Exercise physiologists;
  • Epidemiologists;
  • Nutritionists;
  • Statisticians;
  • Geneticists;
  • Psychologists.

This research group has the expertise in:

  • Surveys (EpiReumaPt);
  • Registries (;
  • Observational studies;
  • Clinical trials on musculoskeletal diseases (MSK). 

A long-term investment has been made in a population-based cohort (EpiDoC) with imaging and blood samples. They also have experience in developing and testing innovative interventional studies through ICTs using patient-oriented strategies.

The group has been dedicated to the study of genetic aspects of bone, ectopic calcifications, DISH, chondrocalcinosis, ankylosing spondylitis, genetic predictors of susceptibility and prognosis in juvenile arthritis (JIA), and pharmacogenetics of rheumatoid arthritis and JIA.

In terms of methodology, research in the area of musculoskeletal conditions (MS) is developed based on data collected in clinical and real-world settings (Ex: clinical records). Experimental studies are used with the aim of analyzing the effects of different interventions and models of care on health outcomes relevant to clinicians, users and society. In addition, systematic literature reviews and observational studies such as cross-sectional and prospective cohorts are developed to study new instruments for outcome assessment, the distribution of MS conditions and their determinants, the clinical course, risk factors and predictors. This is done using both quantitative (descriptive and inferential statistics; uni- and multivariate regression models; factor analysis; cost-utility and cost-effectiveness analyses) and qualitative (thematic analysis) approaches and analysis strategies. The most commonly used tools for analysis are SPSS, R or NVivo programs.

Our Researchers

Alexandre Duarte Martins

Alexandre Moniz

Ana Catarina Maia

Ana Filipa Mourão

Ana Rita Simeão

Ana Rodrigues

Andreia Isabel Capucho dos Santos

António Lista

Bruno Bettencourt

Carmen Caeiro

Carolina Alexandra Cabo

Cláudia Mendes

Daniela Costa

David Lopes

Diogo Pires

Eduardo B. Cruz

Fatima Serrano

Filipe Melo

Florentino Serranheira

Gorete Reis

Helena Canhão

Inês Alves

Jaime Branco

Joana Lobo Pimentel

Jorge Bravo

João Paulo Sousa

Lara Campos

Luis Galhardas

Luís Gomes

Lúcia Domingues

Margarida Santos

Maria Chora

Maria Isabel Pires Rosa da Costa Pinto

Márcio Navalho

Nuno Mendonça

Orlando Fernandes


Pablo Carús

Rita Fernandes

Rute Dinis de Sousa

Sandra Falcão

Sofia Pinheiro

Susana Duarte

Vera Morgado