Health services research and equity

Health services research and equity

The Health Services Research Group includes health managers, public health specialists, and experts on organizational studies and public policies from ENSP and affiliated hospitals.

This research group has long developed research on organizational and financing aspects that will allow reaching this objective of high-quality care, with a particular focus on:

  • Primary care models;
  • Vertical integration of primary and secondary care providers,;
  • Hospital performance measurement;
  • Quality measurement and comparison (including risk adjustment).

In terms of methodology, the Research Group develops projects predominantly in the area of the health system and services, developing retrospective or prospective analyses, using mainly qualitative methodologies, namely in-depth interviews, questionnaire surveys addressed to experts, patients and/or citizens, decision support techniques, as a process of group dynamics (brainstorming, benchmarking, nominal group, delphi, focus group, etc.), systematic literature review, complemented in some of the research by quantitative methodologies, through the use of hospital generated and patients databases, developed from data collection of clinical records and complementary diagnostic tools, in particular demographic data specific to the analysis underway. The most commonly used tools for the analysis are the SPSS or SAS programs.

Our Researchers

Adalberto Campos Fernandes

Ana Catarina Maia

Ana Escoval

Ana Gama

Ana Lúcia João

Ana Margarida Advinha

Ana Maria

Ana Rita Henriques

Catarina Madeira

Daniel Virella

Daniela Costa

David Ferreira

Fatima Serrano

Felismina Mendes

Francisco Von Hafe

Helena Telles Antunes

Isabel Pulido valente

Joana Alves

Joana Lobo Pimentel

Joana Machorrinho

Joao Victor Muniz Rocha

José Caldas de Almeida

José Marmeleira

João Paulo Sousa

Julian Perelman

Lara Guedes de Pinho

Liliana Laranjo

Louíse Viecili Hoffmeister

Luís Roxo

Manuel Gonçalves Pereira

Manuel Lopes

Manuela Silva

Margarida Santos Dias

Maria Chora

Maria Conceição Balsinha

Maria Isabel Pires Rosa da Costa Pinto

Maria João Marques

Maria Otília Zangão

Mariana Peyroteo

Marta Dias

Marta Moniz

Mário JDS Santos

Nadia Charepe

Orlando Fernandes

Patricia Ribeiro Brito

Paulo Faria Boto

Paulo Sousa

Raul Cordeiro

Rita Gonçalves

Rui Almeida

Rute Dinis de Sousa

Rúben Araújo

Sandra Falcão

Sofia Paiva

Sofia de Oliveira Martins

Susana Duarte

Sílvia Lopes

Sónia Dias

Teresa Reis