Health promotion, behavioural insights and inequalities

Health promotion, behavioural insights and inequalities

This research group aims to understand the health determinants across lifespan. In particular it focuses on describing and predicting how people behave and make decisions, as well as change the public's health, regarding the health needs of most vulnerable populations and reducing health inequalities. Within a participatory and multidisciplinary approach, and a translational component, it is dedicated to gain accurate evidence through cutting-edge, high quality and impactful research. 

It also seeks to apply this knowledge in planning, designing, implementing and evaluating health promotion policies, programmes and interventions that address complex health issues in an innovative, tailored, effective and sustainable way.

In terms of methodology, the types of studies most commonly used by the research group are complex intervention, cross-sectional, longitudinal, and experimental studies, including RCTs. Systematic and integrative literature reviews are also performed.

The most commonly used quantitative approaches are descriptive and inferential analyses using parametric and nonparametric tests, generalized linear models, and analysis of the psychometric characteristics of scales. The most used tools are SPSS and R software.

The most commonly used qualitative approaches are descriptive analysis, narrative analysis, using content analysis, textual and lexical analyses, employing techniques such as interviews, focus groups, non-participant and participant observation, and field notes. The most used tools are NVivo, Alceste, Trideux and Iramuteq software.

Our Researchers

Adalberto Campos Fernandes

Adelinda Araújo Candeias

Alexandre Moniz

Ana Catarina Maia

Ana Escoval

Ana Faria

Ana Filipa Mourão

Ana Gama

Ana Lúcia João

Ana Margarida Advinha

Ana Maria

Ana Pedro Costa

Ana Rita Goes

Ana Rita Henriques

Ana Rita Lameiras

Ana Rita Matias

Ana Rita Pedro

Ana Rodrigues

Ana Teresa Timóteo

André Bento

Antonio Bugalho

António Lista

António Portelada

Armando Raimundo


Carolina Alexandra Cabo

Carolina Santos

Catarina Gonçalves

Celso Silva

Cristina Godinho

Cristina Mendes Santos

Daniel Virella

Daniela Costa

Edgar Galindo

Elisabete Alves

Ermelinda Caldeira

Haúla Haider

Helena Arco

Henrique Oliveira

Hermenegildo Pateiro

Iolanda Caires


Jaime Branco

Joana Alves

Joana Lobo Pimentel

Joana Machorrinho

Joana Pires

José Alberto Parraça

Julian Perelman

Katia Furtado

Lara Guedes de Pinho

Liliana Laranjo

Louíse Viecili Hoffmeister


Manuela Silva

Margarida Santos Dias

Maria Chora

Maria Conceição Balsinha

Maria João Carapeto

Maria João Marques

Maria Margarida Goes

Maria Otília Zangão

Maria Raquel Silva

Marta M. Marques

Marta Moniz

Orlando Fernandes


Pablo Carús

Patricia Ribeiro Brito

Patrícia Marques

Raul Cordeiro

Rita Gonçalves

Rita Viegas

Rogério Henriques

Rute Dinis de Sousa

Rúben Araújo

Sandra Falcão

Sofia Azeredo

Sónia Dias

Teresa Mestre