Patient-centered care research

Patient-centered care research

The person-centred care research group is mostly interested in how to centre healthcare on people / patients. It includes 

  • Physicians;
  • Nurses;
  • Social scientists;
  • Patient-experts.

This research group is focusing on how to provide better care for common health problems presented in primary healthcare and to disseminate clinical research into everyday clinical practice.

This research group is using qualitative methods to understand patients’ experiences of illness. Their focus is on identifying patient-relevant outcomes that should be assessed in healthcare research and what are the minimal clinically important differences associated with such outcomes.

In the primary health care team, the methods we have used are as follows:

1 -Primary Studies

a) Quantitative: cluster trials, interrupted time series, cross-sectional descriptive studies with questionnaires, secondary analyses of administrative data;

b) Qualitative: grounded theory, phenomenological analysis.

2 - Secondary studies

a) Reviews: systematic reviews of clinical trials, scoping reviews;

b) Clinical guidelines: using GRADE method.



Our Researchers

Adalberto Campos Fernandes

Ana Catarina Maia

Ana Escoval

Ana Filipa Mourão

Ana Frias

Ana Gama

Ana Lúcia João

Ana Margarida Advinha

Ana Maria

Ana Rita Goes

Ana Rita Henriques

Ana Rita Lameiras

Ana Rita Pedro

Ana Rodrigues

Andreia Dias Rodrigues

André Vieira

Antonio Bugalho

Bruno Heleno


Carlota Louro

Carolina Santos

Cristina Mendes Santos

César Fonseca

Daniel Pinto

Daniel Virella

David Ferreira

David Mendes

Diogo Pires

Felismina Mendes

Filipe Melo

Francisco Von Hafe

Guida Veiga

Haúla Haider

Helena Arco

Helena Canhão

Helena Telles Antunes

Henrique Oliveira

Isabel Pulido valente

Jaime Branco

Joana Machorrinho

Joao Valente Nabais

Joao Victor Muniz Rocha

José Alberto Parraça

José Guimarães Consciência

José M. Nunes

João Almeida Santos

João Paulo Sousa

Katia Furtado

Lara Guedes de Pinho

Liliana Laranjo

Louíse Viecili Hoffmeister

Luis Pereira da Silva

Madalena Lopo Tuna

Manuel Lopes

Manuela Silva

Margarida Santos Dias

Maria Chora

Maria João Lobão

Maria João Marques

Maria Laurência

Maria Margarida Goes

Maria Otília Zangão

Maria Raquel Silva

Maria da Graça Duarte da Silva Santos

Maria do Céu Mendes Marques

Mariana Peyroteo

Marta Dias

Marta M. Marques

Marília Silva Paulo

Nadia Charepe

Patricia Ribeiro Brito

Patrícia Soares

Paulo Faria Boto

Paulo Sousa

Rita Gonçalves

Rita Viegas

Rui Santana

Rúben Araújo

Salomé Azevedo

Sandra Falcão

Sofia Azeredo

Sofia Pinheiro

Sofia de Oliveira Martins

Susana Duarte

Sérgio Laranjo

Sílvia Lopes

Sónia Dias

Teresa Magalhães